Come See Delhi in a Whole New Light!

Old Delhi – The Real City

Soak up the history, one step at a time!

This night tour will show you a completely new side of Delhi, a city transformed once the sun sets. We’ll ensure you feel safe and confident navigating unfamiliar parts of the city at night, as your guide will lead the way and allow you to simply focus on the scenery and the experience. We’ll head to a variety of culturally and socially relevant locales throughout the city, including the internationally known Connaught Place market, a famous Hindu temple dedicated to the god Hanuman, and the breathtaking Sikh Bangla Sahib Temple. From there we’ll grab cup of sweet, steaming chai and take an autorickshaw to India Gate, a monument that represents the pride of Indians worldwide. While India gate is gorgeous during the daytime, visiting it by night when it’s lit in the orange, green and white of the Indian flag is an entirely different experience. A palpable energy radiates from the monument and its visitors during the nighttime, and it’s a sight you cannot miss. Our guide will meet you at gate number 8 of the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station at 7 pm, you won’t be able to miss our signature orange shirt! Also, all transportation while on the tour is included in the tour package.

We are still working on our website. Please let us know if you wish to book any tours. We follow all the protocols of covid